20 toys for Happy Toddler- Brain Kindle Development

Toddlers are the most active little people and they want to play all the time. when parents are working or at home, we want our kids to play and learn rather spending time on watching tv. we Parents spend a lot of money on electronic or musical toys which our kids play just few times, are you agree moms and dads?
Seriously we don’t need to buy every expensive toys on the market but you do need to get right toys to help kids enjoy and help their development.

Ava is 2 years old and she is so active and curious to learn new things, she loves playing different activities and that keeps her engage throughout the day. I will keep adding as I find more educational toys.

I always find toys which are remarkably useful for her development. toddlers are very curious and they treasure to experiments. we need
toys which they would love to play again and again and give them the joy of learning and the success of little victory.

one of the main reason I wrote this blog is to reduce screen time and help kids to play. I found a few activities which are really useful and Ava is thoughly enjoys while I do my work alongside. these toys enhance kids curiosity and they learns to identify and recognize things.

I am adding links below so you can easily find these toys πŸ™‚

Blocks– There are a ton of building blocks toys in the market and you can buy few of them and its limitless fun for toddlers. kids loves these colorful bloacks and create so many patterns like towers, robots, cars and so on. one of great activity for kids development.

We have these few types and we use one activity at a time. these blocking toys are so fun for toddlers.
Bright colored blocks encourage little hands to explore and imagine to create.

Animals types– Toddlers are so obsessed with all types of Animals they watch them on Tv, Zoo, pets, movies. they love to play and make a sound of each animals. they learn difference between farm and wild with these animals toys.

these animals are enough to create a small jungle. I wanted something which look real so they serve purpose of having tiny animals and lot of fun in the tiny jungle with tree and gate.

Below I have linked 2 types but you can find which one you like.

Friction Vehicle Toys- Girl or boy, they loves playing friction powered cars. its like a instant joy when they push the car, it move so fast.
Pushing the friction powered cars forward can exercise hand and eyes coordination. I prefer getting types of vehicle so that kids recognize them.
Learn different colors and shapes.

Scribbling with crayons is one of the first writing skills that a toddler develops.
Crayons also give opportunities to children to use and experiment with a variety of colors. These days she loves coloring all the time πŸ™‚ When Ava was around 14 months we bough these honeystix creyons as they are created for babies and toddlers.

Drawing boards- Magnet boards
we loved everything about this board. when we go out, we take it with us and it has attached pen so it always stays with board. our 2 year old daughter enjoys drawing and it comes with animlas shapes which is fun.

these are set of cards for numbers, shapes, colors. they offer so much fun for kids and easy way to practice their colors and shapes and learns numbers, alphabets. after each use put them back in so they wont get missed out.

Shapes toy– Yes toddlers do loves playing with shapes. these toys are very useful and she learned all the shapes and keep showing me where ever she sees them.
easy to Recognize bright colors and shapes.

Puzzle Boards – I prefer getting puzzles toys rather any musical toy. these are simple yer educational wodden boards and Great Learning for little ones.

Basketball Set

Magnetic Wooden Fishing Toy Set– This Magnetic Wooden Fishing Toy is just so much fun. we have 2 different set. one for bath as well.

Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy

Fridge Magnets for Toddlers– kids love to play in the kitchen and sometimes they just want to be around their mom. but when I cook, I wanted her to be busy but safe even she stays in the kitchen. these magnet toys are cute and she loves putting them on the fridge, the magnets are thick so they can get a hold of them on the fridge.
My toddler loves magnets. They are lightweight and colorful. My daughter loves to collect them in the metal tin and place them on the fridge,her baby gate and metal tables.

Play-Doh– (note- wait until 18months-2 years)
We Purchased this set for our 2 years old daughter and she is obsessed. Good starter set with lots of cutters and different colors of play-doh. This little playset keeps a toddler entertained for hours.
The set included lots of the patterns like a butterfly, elephant, tree, animals and many more. This is a super fun set and the Play-Doh Fun offers at least an hour of entertainment. we are very happy with the purchase. it also comes in Sparkle playdoh.

You know we can create DIY toys for kids. playing with Tupperware and making it fun by putting rice, beans inside. making paper crafts. involving in simple cooking things, dancing, singing, jumping,Peekaboo and most joyful is to take them more often to park. summer is here so we enjoy being outdoors and play swing, slide and lot of park fun. kids find joy in simple things and they are around us.

we do try to use one toy at a time, that way there is less mess and also they learn to clean up after playing each toy. I know most of the time its a big mess and thats the childhood πŸ™‚

Our Clean up Song- “clean up clean up, everybody evry where, Clean up clean up everybody do your share” Try this song, they love it and so do we πŸ™‚

What are some of your favorite toddler toys?

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