A visit to Cape May, New Jersey

How fast, my baby, has turned into a toddler. We can’t believe it been one year already from our last visit to a beach with our little 6 months old baby girl. When I look back at last year beach photos, I couldn’t believe my baby girl grown big. Time flies, my friend. Please plan to spend more time with your kids and take them to beautiful places around where they could explore new things and get stronger. Especially, when it comes to new things like water, Sand, Animals (zoo, aquarium).
This summer ran so fast. Can’t believe, its August already and everyone has started talking about fall, pumpkins, and Halloweens. Toddler phase has kept me so busy that I didn’t realize we did not visit the beach. This Sunday, we decided to go to Cape May beach as it takes only an hour half from our place. On the morning of Sunday, I started packing a mini bag for our little vacation. Once you had a baby, you need to think 100 times about what you are carrying for your toddler. Allow me to share the kinds of stuff, which I carried for our beach visit,
  • Hat
  • Baby swimsuit
  • Mom swimsuit
  • Food – I packed some fruits like banana, apples and one little box of dates and almonds.
  • Towels
  • Sunscreen for everyone
  • Water bottles
  • Beach mat
  • Beach toys
I prefer to always head out after 3 pm in the summer to avoid the sun and enjoy without getting much tired. We headed out at 3:00 pm and reached around 4:45 pm to Cape May. When we started, it was so hot with almost 87 ‘F and I was a little worried but glad, the weather was pretty awesome by the time we reached. We walked on the boardwalk for a while check out the lively shops and restaurants. My mood completely turns up watching the people on the streets and the beach atmosphere was so pleasant and relaxing. All the building were retro styled and they have a swimming pool where people were relaxing and having fun. Cape May is definitely known among the tourists as being a popular area to check out in New Jersey. During the summer months, this area can attract a loud crowd, but that what a good beach is – Nature + People.

I like long walks on the beach, directly into the bottom of the ocean — My romantic life (by Jamie Mortara) 

But to our surprise, the beach was free and only a few families were there with elder people were resting. Last year Ava was so baby but this time, we were a little scared about how she will react to sand or will she be able to walk and play? But she was so fascinated by the sand as it was fun for her seeing sand everywhere. Her eyes were looking around and saying look mommy lot of sand. Ava was so busy playing in the sand and with her beach toys. The ocean was so beautiful and clean, we managed to get Ava’s feet into the water. At first, she was a little scared but then she learned and then kept giggling when waves were hitting her tiny feet.
We ate fruits and played in the sand with Ava. It was around 7:00 pm; Ava didn’t want to leave the beach. I cleaned her up with bottled water, packed everything and we headed back. We wanted to catch sunset but it was getting darker at the seaside and also we need to reach home before it gets too late. We didn’t have time to explore the town but we decide to go for the stay next time. We fell in love with the place, its so beautiful, those roads, people cycling around, architecture and color of the houses. Before heading out we went to the food section and had yummy pizza slices.
The point is that this little picnic was our treat to spend time together in the gorgeous Cape may beach! So relaxing and We enjoyed with our little one.

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    October 5, 2018 at 9:15 am

    Aww, such a cute post! You both are adorable. love your coordinated suits 🙂

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      October 16, 2018 at 3:53 pm

      Ava had so much fun. cant wait for summer, haha.
      Thank you dear,
      Much love 🙂

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