Philadelphia Flower Show 2018

March 10, 2018

I would proudly call this post a vitamin for the eyes – who doesn’t like fresh, blossom flowers. I hope this post brings the same amount of joy, we felt walking into the flower show this year at Philly.

Unusually, the weather is playing hide and seek with us with only snow/icy cold/rain on the spring weekends and sunny weekdays. Winter does not seem to go away this year. This weekend is no exception (cold but no rain/snow), still, we decided to head out and soak ourselves in a pinky sunny weather. Anyways, the flower show was indoor at the convention center – the perfect venue for this march. Although, it was super crowded being a weekend. Families, Hippies, Kids, pets everyone was there; super exciting for Ava – she loves to see kids and pets.

Last summer ava was so tiny and she used to sit in a baby carrier which her daddy would have loved to wear her and we rocked the summer with hikes, road trip, daily park visits and other outdoor things but now this little muffin is a toddler and refusing to sit in a carrier or the stroller. Senthil said that’s okay, If she doesn’t sit in the stroller, we will carry her in hand(Dad is a Superman for Ava). We were expecting that she would sit in the umbrella stroller and watch around throughout the show.  But, as we reached to the convention center, she refused to sit on it and we had to take her on our shoulder. Somewhere between the show, we tried the stroller again and after few attempts, what a change, she seated so happily…Yaeyyyy. She probably realized mom and dad are around and its comfortable for her to sit and look around. Anyhow, both of us were so relieved and we managed to enjoy the beauty of the show and the flowers. I kept baby food, milk bottles, water sippy cup, diapers, wipes and changing sheet in my bag. Yeah, this is how we roam around with our bag full of baby stuff – a life of the parents. When my pack my bag perfect with all the baby stuffs, I really feel proud myself, hahaha. After all, we want to enjoy our day out without any fuss.

Philadelphia Flower Show, I really have no words to express the beauty of this place. Just imagine the huge place is filled with various types of never seen flowers. The flowers were everywhere, on the wall, on the ground, hanging on top. It was the most beautiful site I ever seen. I and Ava were wondering while seeing each and every pretty flower and pots. The greenery attracted us and somehow it felt so peaceful even we are surrounded by the such a large crowd. I think its the beauty of flowers; I highly recommend all you to take your babies, kids to the nearby farms or nature shows as you get a chance.

As we entered in to show, I screamed, Senthil! look this flower, and that flower.. and it went on and on. We all 3 were fascinated by the beauty. Neard will love more to read all the details and trivia of each flower/plants. We didn’t realize how fast time had passed and we finished the big show.  All successfully done just because little lady supported us.

Sharing all the beauty we captured through his lens, at the show. (Sorry about the yellow color tone, indoor shots)

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    April 11, 2018 at 10:09 am

    Pappa sobat mast pose dete……..cute ava…..nice flowers….

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