Happy Fathers Day, Daddy

Dear daddy, When I was in mama’s belly, I used to think, how dad will react once he sees me because you were scared of babies. I know we babies, demands more, act more, cry more. Actually, Our setup has been enabled for these functions at least for 2 years and it may extend till 5 year. So deal with it dad. Haha.  as I was inside mama, I already modified her setup to like me since I had 9 months of huge time in there ,pretty smart me ha! 😀

I made my entry and trust me I tried to stay calm just to keep you comfortable, but you only told doctor , why my baby is not crying and I heard that. After one day of silence I did turn on my loud voice as per your demand Whaaaaaaaa. haha and my screaming voice instantly brought big smile on your face, right that moment I fell for you daddy, you are my first sight love 🙂 and that showed me, you love me even I am BABY. haha

Dad, actually I wanted to write myself but mom think, I am very young to talk and write so I told mom to write my feelings for you.

The day I arrived, I noticed the tears of happiness in your eyes. I still remember the first time you saw me, It was likely a moment of relief, amazement, and shocking for you, right? You were all the time with me, constantly around me. When doctor took me away from mom, you were there for me holding my hand, all that night,  till I came back to mommy.

I keep mama busy all the time, but you never fail to do all my outdoor activities like doctor visits, my medicines, yet coming my big hospital bills, my diapers, wipes, toys, searching all the good things for me, best bottles, best toys,best diaper, best baby stuff: you got me everything and so on. You are doing all the possible things to make mom relax even you are hard busy in your office work. I am sure lucky girl to have you as my Father.

My dear daddy, I love our happy kiddy talk and giggles. I love the funny faces you make in front of mirror, our world class dance haha and cuddles, hugs are my favorites. Everyday I miss your tickly beard until you come back from work. 

 You are giving me the best things in life, Your time, your care, and your LOVE. I am truly grateful to have you in my life. once I grow up, I shall tell you How much I love you, I don’t want tell you everything to mom now. there is no words to say how much me and mom admire you.

Mom said, I can not go out to buy gift for you so here I am giving you my Giant sloppy Kiss.

If I could, I would stop time, just to be by your side forever, your little baby Ava love you more than you know.

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