Being Pregnant

The Pregnancy is a long 40-week roller coaster ride especially when it is unexpected. It had made me tougher and stronger to an extent, I never thought I could endure. Unusually throughout the pregnancy, I had struggle coping up with the symptoms of pregnancy.

I was 12 weeks pregnant and just started to experience nausea and morning sickness a week before and constantly kept throwing up all over myself. None of the medicine/home remedies had any effect helping me. My baby must be special, as I had been vomiting my entire pregnancy, had been experiencing constant fatigue and anxiety. Everything magically went away when we first time saw my tiny love on the screen.

Being pregnant was often an uncomfortable experience, but there were moments when being pregnant felt so magical when this baby gave me playful kicks to remind mommy, I am here for you and we are together forever even inside the skin. I was certain, the great adventure is about to begin. Baby kicks are truly the hugs from inside.


The wonderful feeling of being pregnant, the changes that occurs inside the body of a woman, the pain, the confusions, getting big and bloated and absolute delightful time that a pregnant woman has to go through cannot be defined in words. It truly gives the meaning to the true beauty of the woman.




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