Small Nest



We have built our small nest with the love and passion, in New Jersey, America.

The ultimate goal of life is to be happy and I am blessed to have this beautiful life with Senthil.

I am with the person with whom, I can stay anywhere and anyhow. Someone please tell me, how I describe him in words, he is beyond the words.

Everyday from dawn to dusk, we  do things for each others happiness and thereby spread love in our life. There is no place for negativity 🙂

I came here in snowy winter, 2015 and it was extremely cold for me. My hometown in India is not as cold as Jersey winter. Despite of my struggle in the freezing cold,  I was excited to get out occasionally for Wendy’s hot & spicy burger and fries, Yummmmm, I loved it and cant wait for the next winter :p


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